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Using Gondola Shelving To Position Your Product And Increase Sales


Gondola shelving from a supplier like Continental Store Fixtures Inc. can help display the products in your store for greater customer access. They can be placed together to create long rows or used individually to break up monotonous row shelving by creating islands and end caps.

There are many different styles of gondola shelving but the two main types are single sided and double sided. Both types of gondolas are useful for merchandising your products.

Utilizing single sided gondolas

Single sided gondolas can be placed at the end of row shelving. This is called an end cap. End caps are the stars of your shelving. Products that you want to draw special attention to should be displayed on your end caps.

If you are running a special, an end cap is a great area to showcase your items. Also, products that are popular should be placed on an end cap. Ideally, there should be a single sided gondola on each end of your row shelving. When customers walk by each row, the end caps will be the first area that their eyes are drawn to.

Rotate the items on your end caps regularly. You should notice an increase in sales for any items that are placed in these areas. Take extra care with how these items are visually merchandised. Straighten up the end caps often, as these areas will be heavily shopped by your customers.

Single sided gondolas can also be placed side by side to form long rows against walls.

Utilizing double sided gondolas

Double sided gondolas can be used as islands in your store. The front and back shelves should display products that are in the same merchandise category or should be complimentary products. For example, if one side of the gondola is for tents, the other side might have air mattresses. When items are displayed like this, the customer is more likely to purchase both items.

 Individual double sided gondolas can be used throughout your store as space allows. They work nicely in the front of the store as well, where customers are more likely to make an impulse purchase on their way to the check-out line.

Like single sided gondolas, products that you would like to draw special attention to should be placed on these islands. Consider that each side is approached from a different angle, so each side should be fully utilized with different products rather than putting the same item on both sides.

Double sided gondolas can also be placed side by side to form rows. This is how many stores form rows to display their products.


11 March 2015