Top Things You Should Know About Using Oilfield Pipes For Building A Horse Or Cattle Fence


If you are looking to build a fence to contain horses, cattle, or other large livestock, you might be looking into the different fencing materials that you can use for the job. One option that you can check out is oilfield pipe fencing. Basically, this is fencing that is made from the same type of steel pipes that are used on oilfields. If you'd like to learn a little more about this, you should definitely check out the points below.

9 May 2022

What Are The Advantages Of Thread Profile Gages?


If you need to check the threads on components, then you might use different types of measuring gages. For example, thread profile gages are a useful tool here. Read on to learn more about these gages and their benefits. What Do Thread Profile Gages Do? You generally use thread profile gages when you need to run sizing and quality checks on products with tapered or straight threads, such as pipes, tubes, and casings.

16 March 2022

Key Features To Get In A Microtrenching Machine


One of the more effective and convenient ways of deploying cable around a concrete or gravel environment is by using microtrenching. This tool helps create small conduits along the edges to house cables in a non-destructive way. You'll need a microtrenching machine to complete this task, which will work out just fine if you get these features and capabilities. Precision Cutting When you go to lay down cables in the ground around pavement, you want to be precise when making cuts.

2 February 2022