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Essential Tips For Gutting A Room


If you want perform a complete overhaul of a room in your house, you can gut the space to expose its bare frame. However, completing a successful gutting involves making sure you do not damage the structural integrity of the room and properly disposing of the waste you generate. The following tips can help you complete a successful gutting before you renovate a room.

Reserve a Dumpster

The materials that you remove from the room, including drywall, wood, concrete and metal refuse, are not items that you can leave on the curb for regular garbage pickup. You need a roll-off dumpster to collect the items.

As soon as know that you are going to gut a room, call a dumpster rental company like TCM Sweeping and Disposal to make sure you can reserve a container on the dates that you need. You should provide details about the size of the room that you are going to gut and its contents so a customer service representative can suggest an appropriate container size for your project.

When you are finished with your project, the roll-off dumpster rental company will pick up the full container and dispose of its contents for you.

Prepare a Space for a Dumpster

Before the roll-off dumpster arrives, makes sure that you have enough room in your driveway or yard for the container. If the dumpster is going to sit on a driveway, protect the paved surface with sheets of plywood.

Make sure to call your municipal government to find out if you need a permit to park a dumpster on your land or on the street in front of your house. Your neighborhood association may also have rules about roll-off containers.

Shut Down the Electricity

It is important to shut down all of the electrical outlets in the room that you are gutting. You should also disconnect any electrical devices in the room. If you need power tools or lighting devices during the gutting, use a heavy duty extension cord from another part of the house for electricity.

Protect Other Areas of the House

When you begin gutting a room, dust and debris will be everywhere. Keep the windows open in the room for ventilation as you work. You should hang out plastic sheets on all of the entryways into the room to prevent particles from entering other parts of the house. If there are rooms that contain furniture near the area that you are gutting, cover the contents of those rooms with plastic as well.

Do Not Remove Structural Elements

While you want to get rid of old drywall, you need to leave the structural elements of the room intact. This includes plywood or wood blocks that are nailed to studs and load bearing walls. In addition, you should keep the room's subflooring intact after you remove carpet or old tile. You can also dispose of the old flooring in the dumpster you rented.


25 March 2015