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How To Choose A Polymer Shelving System


Polymer shelves are shelves that are made out of plastic that can be used for an extended period of time. They can be made to the exact specifications that the client needs, allowing the client to use his or her shelving space more effectively. If you are in the market for a polymer shelving system, you might be overwhelmed by the number of choices that you have. Here are a couple of features that you should look for in order to make sure that you get the best shelving system that will last for the longest period of time.

1. Center Supports

The first thing that you are going to want to look for in a polymer shelving system are center supports along each shelf. These center supports provide two advantages. The first is that they increase the amount of weight that each shelf is able to hold individually, allowing the shelving units to be used for a greater amount of merchandise. The second is that they provide a backup support method in case the shelves should fail. This means that your products will not be broken in case of shelf failure, allowing you to feel secure storing your merchandise.

2. Reinforced Corners

The second feature that you want to look for is the reinforced corner. You want your shelving units to have reinforced steel corners because it will allow you to make sure that your shelves are as strong as possible. If your shelves have reinforced corners, you will be able to store materials on top of the shelving system without worrying about it collapsing. Having this feature also allows the shelves to last for a longer period of time without breaking down.

This is because the corners of a shelving structure suffer a great deal of stress when the shelves are being used. Reinforcing them allows them to hold up more effectively.

3. Mats

Finally, you want to make sure that your shelving system comes with removable mats. This is because having the removable mats means that your shelves will take much less time and effort to clean. You will be able to save money on a cleaning service because you can have one or two people remove the mats once every few weeks and clean them, rather than having several people go through the shelving units individually and clean them.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in polymer shelf manufacturing.


24 June 2015