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Aluminum Makes The Best Compressor Seals


Almost every appliance you use in your house uses seals, including computers, vacuums, and dishwashers. Seals prevent leaks from occurring where connections occur on equipment. Regardless of what seals are used for, their purpose is always the same; they are there to prevent the leakage of air or fluid. This is one of the main reasons that aluminum is a preferred material used in making seals, because of the durability factor.

Why Aluminum?

As mentioned above, aluminum is a very durable metal. It is among the lightest metals, weighing only a third of iron, copper, brass, or steel. In addition, it is extremely versatile, allowing it to be used in any type of environment (perfect for compressors inside or outside the house). Many other metals, such as copper, will become weaker when it is cold but aluminum becomes stronger in cool environments. Finally, aluminum is a non-rusting, non-magnetic material, which is vital when it comes to preventing leaks (especially when corrosive materials are used).

How Aluminum is Created

Aluminum is also easy to create, as it is made from ore often found in clay. The ore is crushed and refined to remove any impurities. It can then be melted and poured straight into molds or pressed into sheets for use. This simple process and the lightweight material makes aluminum cheap to make and ship.


Due to the fact that aluminum is so easy to make and can be found almost anywhere, seals can be fully customized to the needs of the consumer. You will have the ability to create specific sizes and shapes of the final product, without having to worry about seams. The most common types of aluminum seals are liquid film shaft seals, labyrinth seals, dry gas seals, and mechanical oil seals. The liquid film shaft seals are ideal for the ends of tubes, preventing leakage, while the dry gas seals will help prevent any contamination. Dry gas is often the first choice for compressors, but labyrinth seals are a honeycomb shape and made to handle high pressure locations. The final type, mechanical oil, are lubricated with an oil and used where things will be in motion.

Aluminum is one of the best materials to use when it comes to making seals, mainly because they are resistant to rusting, able to tolerate cold temperatures, non-magnetic, and easy to customize. You will want to talk to your HVAC technician to determine if another type of seal material is necessary, but usually aluminum seals make great replacement parts.


26 August 2015