Restaurateurs: Protect Yourself from Lawsuits with Safe Industrial Supplies

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Four Types Of Food Produce Bags You Can Order For Your Store


Food processing bags come in all types of colors, thicknesses, and opacity. If you are looking to buy some food produce bags just for your fruits and vegetables department, you certainly have your share of options. Here are just some examples that may appeal to you.

Super-Stretchy Plastic Bags on a Roll

These bags are the cheapest, most economical bags, especially if you also want to print your store information or logo on them. Each bag has a sealed end that is connected to the top of the next bag and perforated for easy, tear-off use. They can stretch and hold a few pounds each, unless you put a hole in the bag with the end of a banana or other "pointy" produce. They are not recommended for use with melons however, because of the sheer weight of most melons and the mess melons create when they hit your store floor.

Plastic-Lined Canvas Bags

If you want your customers to reuse bags, this product is a good way to encourage earth-friendly behavior. The plastic-lined canvas bags utilize food processing bags as the lining material while providing customers with a more heavy-duty produce carrying option. Some of these bags may also allow the customers to remove the plastic lining bags so that their produce may be weighed at the checkout and then put the lining back into the canvas bag. You can choose from reusable, washable liners or disposable liners.

Zip-Closure Bags

These may be one of the most expensive bags you can offer your customers, but it may also be the thing that keeps them coming back to buy produce from your store. The zip-closure bags allow customers to see everything in the bags, not get produce mixed up, and "zip" the bags up to keep all of their produce fresh. Some of these bags also incorporate "breathability" technology, which allows the free exchange of air and/or moisture between the produce and the refrigerator environment outside the bag, a feature which is ideal for some fruits and veggies. These bags may be rinsed out and reused too.

Vacuum-Sealed Bags

If you find that you can sell slightly damaged fruit or fruit or produce with an impending expiration date for cheap, you may want to extend the life of this produce using a vacuum-sealed bag. Many grocers are resorting to vacuum-sealing produce so that it stays fresher longer. Customers also like this idea because they can get produce really cheap and then just freeze it. 

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23 August 2016