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Why You Need A Grinding Wheel Dressing System


If you're in the diamond business, then you absolutely need to invest in some sort of grinding system in order to ensure that your diamonds are as pristine, perfect, and polished as possible.

A grinding wheel dresser system will work to get your grinding wheel into tip-top shape, thus producing diamonds of the same quality.

If you are not currently using a dressing wheel, then you're really missing out and you're also doing a major disservice to your buyers. To avoid bad reviews and negative customer experiences and to experience a lot of great benefits for yourself and your products, be sure to invest in one of these systems.

Eliminate Abrasive Particles

When you use a high quality dressing system, it will remove any abrasive particles that might be lingering on the surface of your wheel.

This simple act will ensure a properly balanced and high-functioning wheel. It will also eliminate any vibrations during operation.

When you remove these issues, you also remove the risk of dulled or poor quality diamonds, and you also keep your wheel working properly and correctly for longer. In these ways, a good grinding wheel dressing system protects both you and your buyers.

Restore Shape

Over time and with use, your grinding wheel will start to lose its natural round shape. This can result in diamonds that are too sharp at the edges, too dull, or that otherwise lack the desired form. Often, when diamonds are cut on a misshapen wheel, they will not look at all like the sample you have provided to customers, which results in unhappy buyers.

When your wheel has the proper shape and form, your diamonds will too, which will enable you to satisfy even the most demanding customers who walk into your shop.

Clean Your Wheel

Even the best grinding wheels will get dirty with time. And, when a grinding wheel is dirty, debris can easily find its way onto and into the diamonds that you use with the wheel.

This can lead to complaints about both clarity and quality. Thus, you need a grinding wheel dressing system in place to thoroughly clean and prepare your wheel. Ideally, you will even employ this system before each use to ensure that each and every diamond that leaves your store is the best it can possibly be.

A diamond wheel grinding system benefits you and everyone who buys a diamond from you, which helps your business to maintain its reputation. Thus, if you aren't already using such a system or if your current system is old and worn out, it's definitely time to invest in a new one.


8 November 2019