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Which Type Of Commercial Refrigeration Is Best For Your Restaurant?


Commercial refrigeration is vital to running a restaurant, but sometimes restaurant owners are unsure of the most suitable refrigeration equipment. Often, a restaurant will need more than one type of commercial refrigerator depending on its size of operations and the meals and drinks offered. Therefore, it is good to have an idea of the different types of restaurant refrigeration to make a good choice. Refrigeration equipment is also expensive, so it is important to make the right choice to avoid wasting money. Here are common types of commercial refrigerators and their best uses.

Undercounter Refrigerators

These compact refrigeration units get their name because many restaurant and bar owners keep them under the counter. They provide quick access to stored items, making them ideal for meal prep areas since the chef can easily reach for fresh ingredients.

Undercounter refrigerators have a reinforced top to enable the preparation of light meals. In addition, some models come with a backsplash for easier hygiene. This compact unit works well for mobile catering businesses and pizzerias.

Reach-in Refrigerators

These commercial refrigeration units are often found next to the cooking area, where they store items to be used for the day or the next. They also hold cooked items from the previous day. These units are practical for quick service since everything is within arm's reach; hence, the name reach-in.

These refrigerators are suitable for storing baked goods, prepared meats, fresh vegetables, and even plate garnishes. They are ideal for a restaurant with a sizable backroom since they hold items for use in the kitchen.

Pass-through  Refrigerators

Pass-through units are ideal commercial refrigeration units for busy restaurants. They have doors on both sides for easy access by different people. Some restaurants keep them between the production area and the customer area. Restaurant staff can place items in these units for customers to pick up from the other side.

Walk-in Refrigerators

These are the largest commercial refrigeration units available, large enough for people to walk in to pack or pick items. Walk-in units are ideally situated at the receiving area of a restaurant's store to make it easier to store deliveries like milk or meat.  

Walk-in refrigerators can store large quantities of items, making them ideal for busy restaurants and large hospitality establishments. They can be custom-made to accommodate whatever size you need. Their large size makes them efficient as they can hold large quantities of different food items, including meats, poultry, milk, and vegetables.

Are you looking for a suitable commercial refrigeration unit for your restaurant? Talk to an industrial equipment supplier about different refrigeration units suitable for your establishment.

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22 October 2021