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Renting A Crane? How To Prepare For Delivery


If you need to rent a crane for your next construction project, don't wait until the last minute to prepare for delivery. Failure to prepare for delivery increases the risk for accidents and injuries, as well as a variety of other unwanted issues. If you're not sure how to prepare for the delivery of your rental crane, read the list provided below. Here are four important steps that will help you prepare for delivery. 

Fine-Tune the Contract Details

If you've rented a crane and you're waiting for delivery, now's the time to go back over the contract details. This is an important step, even if you did go over the contract during the initial rental process. One way to avoid problems with the delivery is to contact the rental yard. Making contact with the rental company allows you to fine-tune the actual details. Some of the details you should go over include the type of crane you've rented, the weight capacity for the crane, and the type of project you have planned. Fine-tuning the details prior to delivery can help you to avoid costly problems once the crane is on site. 

Prepare the Area for Delivery

If you're scheduled for the delivery of your rental crane, you need to prepare the area for delivery. This is especially important where access roads are concerned. The delivery crew will be on a tight schedule, which means you won't have time to take care of the prep work once they arrive at the site. Some areas of concern include tight turns, narrow gates, and bumpy access roads. Tight turns and narrow gates can be difficult for large delivery trucks to navigate. Bumpy roads can pose a serious risk during crane deliveries. To avoid accidents, be sure to take care of issues related to those hazards. 

Eliminate the Site Hazards

If you're preparing the way for your crane delivery, don't forget about the actual worksite. Hazardous conditions can increase the risk for accidents and injuries during the project. Some issues that can pose a threat include low overhead electrical wires, open trenches, soft soil, and uneven terrain. Before work begins with your rental crane, eliminate any issues that might create hazardous conditions on the job site. 

Maintain Safety Standards

Finally, if you're renting a crane, you need to ensure that all safety standards are adhered to throughout the process. First, ensure that you have a licensed crane operator on hand at all times. Second, be sure to provide safety gear for any crew members who will be working on, or around the crane. Finally, follow all OSHA safety standards for crane operations.

For more information contact a crane rental company in your area.


9 December 2021