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Key Features To Get In A Microtrenching Machine


One of the more effective and convenient ways of deploying cable around a concrete or gravel environment is by using microtrenching. This tool helps create small conduits along the edges to house cables in a non-destructive way. You'll need a microtrenching machine to complete this task, which will work out just fine if you get these features and capabilities.

Precision Cutting

When you go to lay down cables in the ground around pavement, you want to be precise when making cuts. This is one of the most important capabilities to get in a microtrenching machine because it's going to help you work in a controlled and professional way consistently.

You need a blade and alignment system that's able to give you precision cuts for both the depth and radius. Then you'll have an easier time setting up cabling inside the cuts that you make with this trenching machinery.

Onboard Chutes

After you cut into the pavement to make way for microtrenches, you need an effective way to manage the material that's removed. Onboard chutes would be a superior feature to get for this because they'll deposit materials along the side of the trench.

That's going to make them a lot easier to remove when compared to using a separate vacuum system that you would have to rent out. The debris left over will be lined up along the side, helping you keep areas around the microtrenches clean throughout this entire process.

Durable Blades

If you plan on using a microtrenching machine quite a bit around different work sites, then you need to make sure this machinery comes equipped with durable blades. This way, they'll be able to last a lot longer and save you frequent changeouts.

Microtrenching blades that are made using diamonds tend to work best in terms of durability and lasting a long time. New diamonds will continue to be exposed in order to give you optimal cutting, regardless of what surfaces you'll be cutting into. You just need to verify the blades are properly maintained and rotated out once they do reach the end of their lifespan. That will keep this machinery working precisely and safely.

If you're looking to cut into concrete or pavement to make way for cabling conduits, then you want to invest in a high-quality microtrenching machine. Spend time researching the various models until you're confident you have a system that comes with advantageous features that improve cutting accuracy and efficiency. Contact a microtrenching equipment supplier to learn more.


2 February 2022