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Top Things You Should Know About Using Oilfield Pipes For Building A Horse Or Cattle Fence


If you are looking to build a fence to contain horses, cattle, or other large livestock, you might be looking into the different fencing materials that you can use for the job. One option that you can check out is oilfield pipe fencing. Basically, this is fencing that is made from the same type of steel pipes that are used on oilfields. If you'd like to learn a little more about this, you should definitely check out the points below.

You Can Purchase Used Oilfield Pipes

You might be interested in building this type of fence for your horses or cattle, so you might be looking into purchasing new oilfield pipes to use for the job. Be aware that you don't actually have to purchase unused oilfield pipes. Instead, you can purchase used oilfield piping that has already been used in the oil and gas industry. This pipe is often still strong and useful long after it has to be removed from oilfields. It's an environmentally responsible choice to use used oilfield pipe instead of new oilfield pipe, and you stand to save a lot of money on your fencing project by going with used materials. Plus, many people like the rustic look that they can enjoy from using these used pipes; you might find that the rustic look will look great on your farm or ranch.

You Can Use Other Materials With The Oilfield Pipes

Even though you might be using oilfield pipes to build the main structure of your fence, you can use other materials along with them. For example, you can use the oilfield pipe as posts and corners, and you can use cheaper sucker rods as other components of the fence. This can help you enjoy the benefits of an oilfield pipe fence, but it will allow you to reduce costs even more.

You'll Need Welding Equipment

There are many reasons why oilfield piping is the best type of fence to install when you're building a fence for livestock, but one downside is that you will need to have access to welding equipment in order to actually construct the fence. Luckily, there are mobile welding professionals out there who are sure to be interested in helping you with your project.

Now that you know about building this type of fence, you might be ready to get started on your project. Soon, you should have a good-quality fence that you can count on for containing your livestock.

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9 May 2022