Restaurateurs: Protect Yourself from Lawsuits with Safe Industrial Supplies

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Plastic And Metal Air Compressor Pipe Systems


Many businesses rely upon the use of compressed air to operate machinery. The piping layout that is attached to a compressor should be well thought out. Additionally, the piping material should be carefully selected. 

The Layout

The purpose of a compressed air piping system is to transport compressed air to the area where an end user will be using the air to power up the equipment. Piping layouts should be uniform and accommodating. Sharp turns that are within the layout could impede the transport of compressed air. Pipe sections should not be exposed to excessive moisture.

A contractor can design a layout that will be suited for the industrial environment where the compressed air will be used. The layout should not interfere with business operations. Pipe sections can be secured to walls or can be installed to traverse a room. If pipe pieces will be used to transfer compressed air from one side of a room to another, the pipe sections may be installed near the ceiling. 

Plastics And Metals

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has outlined some materials that can safely be used to create a compressed pipe system. Certain plastics and metals are approved for use. Plastic should not be at risk of deteriorating. Metal products that are approved should be rust-resistant. Metal piping systems are usually heavier in weight than plastic air compressor pipe systems.

Plastic pipe systems may consist of a series of pipe sections that will need to be glued together. The glue product that is used for compressed pipe systems will need to be OSHA compliant. This type of adhesive will adequately bond plastic pipes together. Once the glue has dried, there will be no chance of compressed air escaping. Metal air compressor pipe systems that are installed in an industrial setting will contain a series of metal pieces that are welded together.

The welding seams will need to carefully be administered. This will ensure that pipe sections are compliant and ready for use. A compressor parts dealer may sell air compressor units, plastic and metal pipe products, and adhesives. A contractor will typically assess an industrial setting and create a piping layout. They will determine how wide and thick each pipe section will need to be. A contractor will devise a layout that will directly transfer air from the compressor to the area where the compressed air will be accessed by an end user.


26 August 2022