Restaurateurs: Protect Yourself from Lawsuits with Safe Industrial Supplies

Hi, my name is Kat. I have worked in the front and back house of many restaurants, and I have also seen the game from the perspective of an owner. Although many people like to embrace complicated safety procedures, I believe you can accomplish just as much with smaller supplies and procedures. If you are ready to strip down your safety procedures and figure out easier, more effective ways to keep your staff safe, please explore this blog. It discusses everything from finding the perfect non-slip mats to buying the best oven mats or hot towels. It also looks at specific supplies you can get to reduce your liability in certain areas. Thanks for reading!

Testing Magnetic Fields Around Your Property


Along with increased concern about cellular towers, many people are also paying greater attention to magnetic fields around their homes and the areas that they frequent. If you've been considering magnetic field testing, you might be hesitant and trying to decide if it's really worth the investment. Here's a look at some of the things that you should understand when it comes to magnetic field testing around your property.

Do You Live Near Transmission Or Distribution Lines?

Electrical transmission and distribution lines will generate an EMF in the area around their path. If your property has any of these lines, you may want to test the EMF readings to ensure that they are within the safe range. Transmission and distribution lines often emit EMF that varies depending on the load on the lines. If you test at various times of day, you may get different readings for that reason. It's important to test periodically and average out the load as you evaluate your property's safety.

Are You In An Area With Seasonal Changes?

If you live in an area with significant seasonal climate changes, you'll find that EMF readings will vary depending on the season as well. For example, areas with particularly warm summers may have higher EMF readings in the summer when air conditioning is in higher demand. The higher the electricity demand is, and the more electronics you have running, the higher the EMF reading is likely to be.

Did You Turn Everything Off Before You Tested?

If you are testing the EMF readings around your home's perimeter or inside your home, it's important that you have no interference from the electricity in your home. If possible, flip the main breaker to turn off the power. Otherwise, unplug everything in your home to minimize interference. This will give you as close a reading as possible to the ambient EMF around the property.

Did You Stay Away From Electrical Panels And Boxes?

Electrical panels and power boxes are often significant sources of EMF emission. If you're testing your property, make sure you stay several feet away from any panels or boxes so that you don't end up with any associated spikes in your results. This helps you to get consistent readings that are not heavily influenced by components like these.

EMF readings are important for ensuring general well-being and reducing the risk of electrical interference with delicate components. If you're curious about the EMF readings around your property, consider these points as you begin testing. For more information, contact an AC magnetic field tester near you.


30 November 2022