How To Change A Bandsaw Blade


The most vital part of any bandsaw is the blade. Of course, some people change the blade when the problem actually has to do with the table, the power supply, the tension or a number of other common issues with bandsaws. However, most bandsaw issues have to do with the blade. You can easily tune up and align your bandsaw to cut better, but it will all be for naught if your blade is bent, dull, or improperly installed.

19 March 2015

2 Tricks For Replacing A Water Heater's Anode Rod In A Tight Squeeze


One of the most common and useful repairs for a hot water heater is replacing the anode rod, as it can add years to the life of any hot water heater, which more and more homeowners are catching on to. However, the act of replacing the rod can be tricky, especially in older homes or those with small basements with low ceilings. However, there are a couple tricks to replacing this bulky part without resorting to drastic measures like replacing the entire water heater for the sake of one measly part.

12 March 2015

Using Gondola Shelving To Position Your Product And Increase Sales


Gondola shelving from a supplier like Continental Store Fixtures Inc. can help display the products in your store for greater customer access. They can be placed together to create long rows or used individually to break up monotonous row shelving by creating islands and end caps. There are many different styles of gondola shelving but the two main types are single sided and double sided. Both types of gondolas are useful for merchandising your products.

11 March 2015