Roof Coatings 101: How To Match The Color Of Your Roof


Roof coatings are important for protecting the surface of your roof from damaging UV rays, moisture, and tree sap. They come in a variety of colors and can help enhance the appearance of your roof.  If you use a roof coating, it's crucial that you also consider the color of your roof when selecting a product. Before you choose a coating, you should take the time to understand how different colors can affect the overall appearance of your roof.

24 January 2023

Testing Magnetic Fields Around Your Property


Along with increased concern about cellular towers, many people are also paying greater attention to magnetic fields around their homes and the areas that they frequent. If you've been considering magnetic field testing, you might be hesitant and trying to decide if it's really worth the investment. Here's a look at some of the things that you should understand when it comes to magnetic field testing around your property. Do You Live Near Transmission Or Distribution Lines?

30 November 2022

Boiler Up! How Renting Emergency Boilers Can Solve Your Problems


Boilers are an essential part of any factory, power plant, or large facility. They provide the heat necessary to power many of the processes that keep your business running. That's why it's so important to have a reliable boiler on hand at all times. Unfortunately, boilers can sometimes break down, leaving you in a bind. That's where renting an emergency boiler comes in handy. Here are five problems that you can solve by renting an emergency boiler.

10 October 2022

Plastic And Metal Air Compressor Pipe Systems


Many businesses rely upon the use of compressed air to operate machinery. The piping layout that is attached to a compressor should be well thought out. Additionally, the piping material should be carefully selected.  The Layout The purpose of a compressed air piping system is to transport compressed air to the area where an end user will be using the air to power up the equipment. Piping layouts should be uniform and accommodating.

26 August 2022

Key Attributes To Get In A Corrosion Testing Kit For Metal Analysis


If you work in the industrial sector and rely on strong metals, you want to avoid those that are susceptible to corrosion. You can find out which metals these are by using a corrosion testing kit. Just make sure it offers these things. Accurate Field Testing Results In order to make it easy to test a metal's overall vulnerability to corrosion, you want to be able to perform this testing out in the field where your metals are.

6 July 2022

Top Things You Should Know About Using Oilfield Pipes For Building A Horse Or Cattle Fence


If you are looking to build a fence to contain horses, cattle, or other large livestock, you might be looking into the different fencing materials that you can use for the job. One option that you can check out is oilfield pipe fencing. Basically, this is fencing that is made from the same type of steel pipes that are used on oilfields. If you'd like to learn a little more about this, you should definitely check out the points below.

9 May 2022

What Are The Advantages Of Thread Profile Gages?


If you need to check the threads on components, then you might use different types of measuring gages. For example, thread profile gages are a useful tool here. Read on to learn more about these gages and their benefits. What Do Thread Profile Gages Do? You generally use thread profile gages when you need to run sizing and quality checks on products with tapered or straight threads, such as pipes, tubes, and casings.

16 March 2022